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Fable Whisky is an independent single cask whisky bottler, founded on the art of storytelling, animation and illustration, with the goal of stimulating the imagination and building a sense of mystery to create a unique sipping experience. 
Fable is a collection of 11 limited edition, hand-picked single cask whiskies from acclaimed yet little-known distilleries.
The Fable story is a set of 11 chapters, each based on an old Scottish legend, illustrated and narrated by famous artists.
The first chapter and first cask from Caol Ila Distillery in Scotland was released in April 2021

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Fable Hound
Fable Moon
Fable Ghost
Fable Ghost Chapter Eleven
Fable Fairies Chapter Eight
Fable Piper
Fable Clanyard
Fable Crows Chapter Six
Fable Folk Chapter Two
Fable Piper Chapter One