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We seek out and import to Israel the finest and most exciting wines and spirits in the world. Like a curator selecting the finest artworks, we meticulously curate our catalog from the most compelling and innovative brands around the globe to make them accessible to the discerning Israeli consumer.

We are there for those individuals looking to go beyond the ordinary sipping experience. Those who are not satisfied with the familiar, but want to discover the newest, most innovative and most fascinating in the endlessly evolving world of wines and spirits. 


As in a museum exhibition, each of our products is a work of art. Each brand is carefully selected after our curators conduct deep and extensive research into the story behind the brand, the ingredients, the production process, the experience design and the creativity the brand artisans bring to the table and the palate.

Cheers! L'Chaim!


Shachaf Koren

Shachaf has a long history in key roles in the wine and spirits industry in Israel and globally.


His most recent roles include marketing director at M. Akkerman Ltd, responsible for marketing strategy and brand activations in some of the most successful brands in Israel, as well as country manager for the Russian beverages corporation Beluga Group Intl, responsible for its marketing and commercial activity in Israel and leading Beluga Vodka, one of the strongest and fastest growing brands in the market.

In our space there’s no experience without passion - in conjunction with his professional experience, Shachaf has been an avid whisky collector for many years. 

Shachaf Koren Photo
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