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General information and introduction

The Spirits Curator Ltd. (hereinafter: "The Spirits Curator Ltd." / "The Company") respects the privacy of the users of the website, which is managed and operated by The Spirits Curator Ltd. at: (hereinafter: “The Website”).

1. The Website's privacy policy is an integral part of The Website's terms of use which can be found at: (hereinafter: the "Terms of Use").

2. This Privacy Policy applies to personal information that The Spirit Curator Ltd. collects on The Website. It describes how The Spirit Curator Ltd. uses your information and the rights to protect your information, including the right to abstain from some of The Spirits Curator Ltd.'s data processing, or ask to remove your personal information for its records. The information provided below is intended to assist users in understanding the privacy protection policies of The Spirits Curator Ltd. on The Website.


3. The Privacy Policy, as set forth below, will make clear to users who use The Website (hereinafter: the "Users") the sources through which The Spirits Curator Ltd. collects information about the users of The Website, the purposes for which The Spirits Curator Ltd. collects the information, what information Collected about the users, what use can The Spirits Curator Ltd. make of the information and how The Spirits Curator Ltd. stores the information, and handles it.


4. The submission of information to The Spirits Curator Ltd., whether oral or written, is subject to your consent and desire and does not derive from a legal obligation. The information will be stored in the databases of The Spirits Curator Ltd. for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy.


5. For the purpose of realizing the aforesaid purposes, The Spirits Curator Ltd. may transfer information about you or any part of it to third parties as specified in this privacy policy.

A. Purposes of collecting and using the information

6. The Spiritual Curator Ltd. collects information for the following purposes - in whole or in part, as applicable:

6.1. For the purpose of complying with the provisions of any law;

6.2. For the purpose of developing The Website and improving the user experience on The Website;

6.3. For the purpose of providing services or products offered by The Spirits Curator Ltd.;

6.4. For identification when you contact the company through The Website and other technological means;

6.5. For the purpose of performing operations through The Website;

6.6. For the purpose of improving the quality of the services provided by The Spirits Curator Ltd.;

6.7. For contacting users;

6.8. For analysis, research, control and compilation of statistics;

6.9. For the purpose of conducting surveys among users;

6.10. For the purpose of adjusting information to be displayed to users;

6.11. For the purpose of enforcing the provisions of these Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy;

6.12. For an additional purpose specified in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

6.13. For the ongoing and proper operation of The Website, including providing support and handling of users' requests and complaints;

6.14. For the purpose of managing inquiries, including inquiries by direct mail, including advertisements (subject to the provisions of any law and to the extent that it is decided to include advertisements on the website or mailings from it subject to the provisions of any law), information on products and services of The Spirits Curator Ltd. and its representatives, benefits and more.

6.15. For the purpose of defending against claims, demands and claims against The Spirits Curator Ltd. and anyone on its behalf as well as against third parties;


B. Information security and limitation of liability


7. The Spirits Curator Ltd. takes proper and good measures regarding privacy and information security in accordance with accepted standards. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the storage and transmission of information by electronic means, including through the network, can never be completely secure.


8. Whenever users submit information to the company, in particular through the web, users do so with full consent and subject to the dangers involved in transmitting the information in this way, including the risk that despite the strict measures taken by The Spirits Curator Ltd. the information will fall into the hands of unauthorized parties.


9. The Spirits Curator Ltd. shall not be liable in any way, and is exempt from any liability, in connection with any cause, action, claim, damage, loss or expense, of any kind and type (including by virtue of privacy protection laws), whether direct or otherwise Indirect and / or circumstantial and / or consequential, which have been caused and / or will be caused to users and / or a third party, in all matters relating to the use of the website and / or the transfer of information to The Spirits Curator Ltd. or anyone on its behalf through the website or any means related to the website.


C. Other sites or links to other pages and pages on The Website


10. The Website may contain links to other websites that are not under the control of The Spirits Curator Ltd. The Spirits Curator Ltd. is not responsible for the privacy policies or privacy practices of other websites.


11. The Spirits Curator Ltd. may (but of course is not obligated to) also post links to other websites, discussion boards, or portals operated by The Spirits Curator Ltd. or by other companies, which operate under a different privacy policy. If you access these websites through The Website, you should review the privacy policies of those sites so that you can understand how they collect, use and share your information with others.


D. The sources through which The Spirits Curator Ltd. collects information about users


12. Collection of information through use of the website.

13. Collection through information that you provide to the company or that is obtained from The Spirits Curator Ltd. in connection with the services provided by The Spirits Curator Ltd.


E. Collection of information about users


14. You may use the Website without providing any personally identifiable information. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and insofar as you request, at your sole discretion to provide us with information about you, The Spirits Curator Ltd. will retain the said information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.


15. The Spirits Curator Ltd. may use the services of third parties or users, and will do so to the extent that you choose these services, subject to the privacy protection policies of those third parties and therefore you should review the privacy policy provisions of the third parties as stated above.


16. The Spirits Curator Ltd. uses a website building platform that uses cookies that allow it to collect unidentified information about the user and the use of the website and all in accordance with the cookie policy displayed on the website. More information about the WIX platform policy can be found here:


F. Social networks and personal information you share


17. The Spirits Curator Ltd. provides users of The Website with tools for sharing and linking content from The Website through various social networks and online services. Please note that the use of such social networks and online services is external and separate from The Website and subject to the privacy practices of those services or any online service operated by a third party.


18. The Website may also include content submitted for publication on behalf of site users. This content may also include personal information. Be informed that the content you upload to The Website is not private or confidential and that you should have no expectation of privacy regarding it. You must exercise caution and  discretion when submitting personal information that may identify you or others.


G. Transmission of information by The Spirits Curator Ltd. or anyone acting on its behalf


19. The information may be provided by The Spirits Curator Ltd. or anyone acting on its behalf authorized by it for that purpose, to third parties in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy.


20. The transfer of the information to third parties will include only relevant information, which does not exceed the purposes for which the information is transferred, and will be made proportionately to a defined, explicit and legitimate purpose.


21. The Spirits Curator Ltd. may transfer the information, or any part thereof, to third parties, in one or more of the following cases:

21.1. To subsidiaries on its behalf or its parent company or companies affiliated to it insofar as such companies exist, as well as to the employees of the company;

21.2. External service providers, for example support and storage services, printing services, legal services and various professional consultants, technology and information systems (IT) services, postal services, advertising, marketing, market research and analysis, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, document and record management providers and various and additional service providers who provide services in connection with the activities of The Spirits Curator Ltd.;

21.3. Governmental or public authorities, including courts, law enforcement, tax authorities, investigative authorities and third parties to legal proceedings and their advisers, including lawyers, accountants, CFOs and more;

21.4. If The Spirits Curator Ltd. receives a court order from a judicial institute or a kind of court ordering it to provide the information, or the user's details, or in accordance with the provisions of any law;

21.5. In any dispute, claim, demand, lawsuit or legal action whatsoever, between the user or anyone on his behalf and The Spirits Curator Ltd. or anyone on its behalf;

21.6. In the event of a transfer and / or sale and / or check and / or purchase, of The Spirits Curator Ltd. and / or its assets and / or any part thereof, for consideration or not for consideration, inter alia in cases in which ownership of The Website and / or in its contents, in whole or in part, to third parties, including, but not limited to, in the case of mergers of The Spirits Curator Ltd. and / or its activities with third parties, and including, without derogating from the aforesaid, in cases of change of control, in whole or in part,

21.7. In any case where The Spirits Curator Ltd. believes that the provision of the information is required to prevent harm to the company, users or any third party;


22. Please note that The Spirit Curator Ltd. may transfer the information or any part thereof to its subsidiaries or companies under its control or affiliates (if any), located in other countries or jurisdictions. Therefore, the information may be transferred to countries The level of protection of the right to privacy will be different from the level of protection afforded to the right to privacy in accordance with the provisions of Israeli law. Therefore, and by using the website or by providing information to the company, you irrevocably agree to the collection, storage, processing and transfer of information If you otherwise inform The Spirits Curator Ltd. by the means set forth in this Privacy Policy.


H. Information retention period

23. The Spiritual Curator Ltd. will retain the information for the period necessary to ensure the objectives set forth in this Privacy Protection Policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.


I. Information about other people


24. If users provide personal information to the Company regarding other individuals including their family members and other third parties (hereinafter: the "Additional Third Parties"), users must do so only after the following two conditions have been met: 1. Users have updated the other third parties about the content of this policy in full, including the reservations set forth therein; 2. Only after obtaining the legal consent of the additional third parties required to collect, use, disclose and transfer personal information about the third party, in accordance with this policy, and in accordance with the provisions of the law, as required.


J. Jurisdiction


25. The jurisdiction in connection with any dispute and / or lawsuit that may arise in connection with the use of the website and this privacy protection policy, as well as everything related to them, is given exclusively to the courts in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.


K. The right to review and correct the information


26. You are entitled to review the information The Spirits Curator Ltd. maintains about you and request to correct the information that is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or not up-to-date, all in accordance with the provisions of the law.


27. If you wish to do so, please contact us, in accordance with the contact details listed in section 28 To this Privacy Policy.


L. Contact information


28. Any questions regarding the information collected by The Spirits Curator Ltd. and the use of the information can be directed to the management of the company that acts as the person in charge of the company's privacy policy, via email: or by phone 050-9666044.


M. Conversion and transfer of rights


29. Please note that you are not entitled to transfer your rights or obligations under this Privacy Protection Policy to others. The Spiritual Curator Ltd. will be entitled to transfer its rights and / or obligations to third parties. However, your rights as a user will not be infringed in such case.


N. General


30. This site is intended for adults aged 18 and over, and use of this site is subject to the user's confirmation and declaration that they are aged 18 and over.


31. This site is intended for Israeli residents only and is not intended for use by non-Israeli residents.


32. The conditions and provisions set forth in this Privacy Protection Policy, as well as any change or amendment thereof, as well as the use of The Website, shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel without regard to the applicable choice clauses therein.


33. The Spiritual Curator Ltd. reviews the Privacy Policy regularly and reserves the right to make changes at any time, including changes required by the requirements of the law in the State of Israel. You are required to review the latest update of the Privacy Policy to see when it was last amended .


O. Last updated date


34. This Privacy Policy and its terms were last updated on June 1, 2021.

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