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The Cantina Trellano winery was founded in 1893, and is considered one of the leading wine growers' cooperatives in South Tyrol, with over 140 growers, encompassing an area of about 190 dunams. Cantina Trallano was founded at a time when agriculture was the mainstay of the local economy. Grape farming in the region was led by a number of winegrowers who turned to the Rheingau region for new ideas and the acclimation of new varieties from Germany and France to South Tyrol. Most of the difficulties these growers encountered were with the landowners. Most of the land was controlled by a small number of wealthy people. This was the trigger for 24 winegrowers to establish a cooperative and winery, Cantina Trallano, that changed the face of the region, as up to that point red wines made up about 80 percent of the total wine production in the region. Working as a cooperative allowed the production center in Terlan to focus on making the wine and perfecting the winery operations, and today Terlano is known to Italian white wine enthusiasts worldwide. Accordingly, 70 percent of the winery's total production is white wines, under the mantle of DOC.

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Cantina Terlano Tradition Gewuerztraminer
Cantina Terlano Tradition Chardonnay
Cantina Terlano Tradition Pinot Grigio
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