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The Casa de Mouraz winery is located between the Estrella and Caramulo mountain ranges in Portugal, in the monastery of St. Pedro de Mouraz, built in the 12th century. The monks who founded the monastery started cultivating the vineyards in the area.


The winery owners, Sarah Dionisio and António Lopes Ribeiro, inherited the vineyards from their family, and in 2000 converted them into the first organic vineyards in the Dao area. Sarah and António have since adopted biodynamic agriculture. The couple revere nature and agricultural work, and grow about 13 dunams of local varieties only. The area is divided into 10 plots based on the type of soil (granite and clay), height (140-400 meters) and flora (chestnut, pine and oak trees). New plantings are combined with over 50 years old vines to create a charming harmony in the vinyards.

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Casa de Mouraz Dao Rose
Casa de Mouraz Nina
Casa de Mouraz Dao White
Casa de Mouraz Chibu
Casa de Mouraz Dao Tinto
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