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The Gosset Champagne House was founded in Épernay in 1584 and thus became the first winery in Champagne. For over 400 years, the preservation of style, elegance and family tradition in the champagne production was of the utmost importance. Gosset’s reputation was initially built through the vineyards - nearly all the grapes are grown in the Premier Cru and Grand Cru regions. Unlike many other producers, Gosset avoids malolactic fermentation and uses prolonged aging of the liquid on the sediments to increase the expression of the terroir, and to produce a dynamic liquid and a proper expression of the different years. Gosset champagnes are kept in the cellar between 4 and 5 years for non-vintage champagne, 7 years for vintage champagne and 10 years for the house's Celebris series.

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Gosset Champagne Grande Reserve Brut
Gosset Champagne Extra Brut
Gosset Champagne Petite Doucer Rosé
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